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Afghan commando uniform. Unlike the M203, the GP-25 can be easily dismounted and the AKM is back to its original configuration. The Pashtu digits on the rear of the truck is a tip hotline for civilians to call. Afghan Uniform Police - Ultime notizie su Afghan Uniform Police - Argomenti del Sole 24 Ore An interesting technique that the AUP do is that once finished cleaning their weapons, they leave them out in the sun to dry. Afghan Uniform Police (AUP) members have a lunch meeting with the Afghan Local Police (ALP) commander for the Shah Joy district of Zabul province, Afghanistan, Feb 120207-N-CI175-176.jpg 3,000 × 2,058; 1.11 MB All are light green with markings on them indicating AUP units and vehicle numbers. When done cleaning or not in use, the rags are stuffed in the orifice behind the trigger mechanism in rifles that do not have stocks. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. One is on the run and the other was killed … Whether this had a purpose or not, the author still found it very odd to find a magazine with blanks on a combat patrol. The two men in the cab survived unscathed but the two men in the bed were thrown out and subsequently died. h�bbd``b`Z$KA�+ ��$؊�ħ�L���@#n�?ç_ J� Police officer Police uniforms of the United States, policeman PNG size: 800x1103px filesize: 194.16KB CrossFire Counter-Strike Fallout 4 SWAT Wiki, swat PNG size: 1040x2243px filesize: 8.9MB 16 Air Assault Brigade British Armed Forces 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment British Army, soldiers PNG size: 694x900px filesize: 672.41KB They are police in the general scheme of things but do not operate in the way a typical police department would because they have national jurisdiction. In the author’s time at Loy Kolay, he only saw two American issued SAPI plates, and they were kept as good luck omens, never taken out of a berthing. (Special Thanks to Liza Ponomarekno, Kit Young, Randy Lambert, and the Marines and Afghans at PB Loy Kolay.). The main categories within the Afghan police consist of the Afghan Uniform Police (patrolmen fall under this division), Afghan Border Police, Counter-Narcotics Police of Afghanistan, Afghan National Civil Order and the Afghan Local Police (the latter comes under the Afghan National Police). These come in a wide array of colors and styles: woodland and desert MARPAT, army ACU, black, blue, woodland analog, and desert chocolate chip. There are no green or black uniforms present. A team leader or squad leader might also take a 40mm Low Velocity Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) GP25 or a 9x19mm NATO Smith & Wesson SW9VE. For the Ford Rangers, patrolmen take all the seats in the cab as well as piling in the back of the already loaded bed section. Mounted on the center of the roll bar is a machine gun pintle mount, which can mount an AUP PKM or M240. Of note is that the AUP and ANA have not been seen to bring spare barrels out on missions. The crew cab will fill up but alert patrolmen are still seated in the bed on the food supplies and blankets. h��V�n�0�?�D_cGBH�B�@+@���Q�ݭv�����u�ٶZ��#��ٞ9�-��–A� Typical AUP Ford Ranger loaded down with patrolmen on its way to a patrol base. A patrolman on a patrol in southern Nawa. Anti-personnel rockets are carried but a few anti-tank rockets with the bulbous warhead have been seen in use. Some Patrolmen are from the local area, but most are from nearby districts or as far away as Kandahar and the Pakistani border. In addition, Taliban have been known to shoot at AUP on motorcycles as well as from their own vehicles. Local men may go home on weekends but the others take leave only every three to five months. Rifles are issued to patrolmen and they take them to which ever station they are assigned to, and they even take them home on leave. The attack comes nearly two weeks after three men in Afghan police uniforms killed a soldier with the US-led … The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission estimates that about 3,000 Afghans attempt to take their own life each year. Yet despite nearly $10 billion in international police assistance, the Afghan police are riddled … When going on a foot patrol, patrolmen take a combat load and their issued rifle. Magazines and belts are intertwined with both kinds in 7.62×39 and 7.62x54R. For their light machine gun, the AUP have the RPK but have rarely taken it out at Loy Kolay. It was established at the request of the International Security Assistance Force(ISAF) in Summer 2010 and is paid for by the Unite… The police commander of Loy Kolay precinct is in charge of three other police checkpoints within the region. The Afghan United Police have come a long way since Afghanistan won its independence from vicious Taliban rule. Many vests have back panels for SAPI (Small Arms Protective Insert, ceramic plates capable of stopping up to 7.62mm) plates but the AUP are not issued any. Other vehicles include Humvees, diesel-powered variants of the U.S. consumer Nissan Frontiers, Toyota Hilux pickup trucks imported from Thailand, and Volkswagen Transporter T4/Eurovans, as well as Yamaha motorcycles donated by Japan. He in turn reports to the Nawa district police chief at District Center, which is twelve kilometers south of the Loy Kolay precinct. Some patrolmen have either fake or real eye protection and occasionally wear them. AUP mobile mission. Villagers living in conditions more akin to the 15th century than the 21st are still coming to terms with a professional police force to back them up. Using Marine supplied CLP fluid and diesels oil as lubricants, they clean their personal weapons once a week on average. Considering the age of the AKs in use, they have stood up to a good deal of hard use. Equipped with a haphazard sling and bipods locked up, the AUP prefer it over the RPK and take good care of it. An International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) spokesman said the attack was conducted by two people wearing Afghan police uniforms. To help run this, the commander has an executive officer, an administration officer, some Sergeants and junior team leaders. A policeman's salary starts at about $200 a month. Formed primarily as a local defence force against Taliban insurgents its members have no power of arrest and are only authorised to investigate crime if requested to do so by the Afghan National Police (ANP). The men in the right part of the picture are the commanders and patrol leaders. In the hands of the AUP, accuracy is average to minimal, however this is not due to the rifles – Marines have shot them on partnered ranges and have had good results on paper. Nicknamed ‘Ranger Dangers’ by Marines, they offer a rugged truck to get around but not very safely. The author has even seen three magazines coupled with rubber straps but this was rarely taken out on patrol. Small Arms A much more enduring task in Afghanistan is providing security for the country so Afghans can make democracy work on their own long after the United States has pulled out. The Marines and AUP are autonomous; they have their own mobile sections, supplies, and a shared Area of Operations (AO) for which they are responsible. Two police … The AUP’s primary fire support weapon is the PKM medium machine gun of Russian origin. For additional belts of ammunition, patrolmen wrap the belts around their waists and shoulders in a manner that keeps them secure. The cloth around his neck is used as a sweat band or to cover up his face when in the back of a truck. KABUL): Afghan police have discovered a large military uniform-making factory in the Parwane Du area of Kabul, the Ministry of Interior said on Tuesday.. Ministry spokesman Ghulam Seddiq Sadiqi told a press conference that bundles of military uniforms were recovered from the factory, which was illegally operating in the capital. 474 0 obj <>stream Officers attend school in programs ranging from three to six years. Combat loads and rifles are taken, as is the PKM with either type of transport. Uniforms and equipment are largely the same among the AUP in Nawa Ye-Baraksi. The Loy Kolay Police precinct headquarters and Marine partnered Patrol Base (PB) is ten kilometers south of the capitol of Helmand province, Lashkar Gah, and is typical of the partnered stations in Nawa Ye-Baraksi district. Most stations are heavily reliant on Coalition Forces for fuel, water and ammunition. For materials, they use anything available and make much out of little. Old rags, ripped clothing and brushes are all used extensively. This is not to be confused with the Afghan National Army (ANA), Afghanistan’s standing army, or the Afghan Local Police (ALP), a community based police program.). %PDF-1.6 %���� These rifles come from countries like Pakistan and Romania and the AUP has quite a variety of them. Outside the urban areas, all rural roads are dirt and unimproved. A man wearing an Afghan police uniform killed two NATO troops in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, the international military alliance said. Occasionally you will see a soldier wearing one of these in recent years. Many patrolmen are illiterate with their only formal education being the Police Academy. When M203s are dismounted, the rifle needs a lower handguard which is not issued to the Marine for it to be back to a M16A4 or M4. Holsters come in many varieties and designs. A man wearing an Afghan border police uniform shot dead two American NATO service members Monday inside a compound in northern Afghanistan, the military alliance said. For VCPs, the AUP use four or more patrolmen and bring their combat load and sometimes the PKM. The Afghanistan National Police is Afghanistan’s front line of defense against insurgency and organized crime. (A note on abbreviations, AUP was formally designated Afghan National Police (ANP). Find the perfect afghan uniform police stock photo. A combat load usually consists of three magazines and some water but patrolmen carry everything from Flexicufs to metal handcuffs, tourniquets, whistles, VOG-25 grenades, Icom radios and of course, naswar tobacco for anybody who is familiar with the region. The attack on Sunday, about a mile east of the city of Khost, the provincial capital, began when a group of men in Afghan Border Police uniforms rushed out of a station wagon and toward a … The Human Rights Watch has raised concerns that the ALP simply provides arms and training to another militia and has led to abuses of power by its members. If any readers are curious as to what type of force the AUP are similar to, they are akin to a national police force. ... training for the Uniform Police in the Provinces, the Border Police and the Highway Police … 466 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<1B4908640E066C4991A56359BA836925><880E5592D1BD4A46932DAE7C6F50B06E>]/Index[460 15]/Length 53/Prev 264777/Root 461 0 R/Size 475/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Man in Afghan police uniform shoots two British soldiers dead This article is more than 7 years old Two Gurkhas shot at Helmand checkpoint, bringing to 11 … If this appears as unsafe travel, it is. A Nato soldier in eastern Afghanistan has been shot dead by three men in Afghan police uniform, officials say. Afghan National Army Used Romanian m73/80 The ANA were commonly seen wearing the Romanian M73/80 helmet in the mid 2000's before being phased out by the kevlar helmet around 2010. Patrolman on the left has the PKM and saddle ammunition box, without extra belts. Others are copies of green or tan Vietnam War style AKM magazine pouches. endstream endobj 461 0 obj <>/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 457 0 R/StructTreeRoot 61 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 462 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 463 0 obj <>stream He and the machine gunner are wearing the same uniform, only that the commander’s is a darker blue. Uniforms that appear to feature a camouflage pattern similar to the one worn by U.S. troops are on display at the Bush Bazaar in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday, May 31, 2018, the day … The Afghan Local Police (ALP) is a US-UK sponsored local law enforcement agency, defence force and militia in Afghanistan as part of the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs. Scopri le migliori foto stock e immagini editoriali di attualità di Afghan Military su Getty Images. ... National data on suicides is unreliable because so many go unreported and there’s no uniform tracking system. ��� O�� The 9x19mm rounds for the SW9VE pistols are mostly Lone Wolf. For zeroing, most patrolmen have to use Kentucky windage because front sight adjustment tools are very rare. With its moniker the ‘sickle’ it is taken out on patrol to give a stand off distance when investigating suspicious objects that might be Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The ACU patterned and the service Charlie uniforms the Marine Corps ’ M240B medium machine gun belts their. Up, the GP-25 can be easily dismounted and the Marines and Afghans at PB Loy Kolay.. Jalalabad in Nangarhar Province carried out on most missions, it is issued officers... Source 7.62x54Rmm with engineer tape roll bar is a split between Lone Wolf and an unknown source 7.62x54Rmm mount which... Marines or partnered with them rifles come from countries like Pakistan and Romania and the and... Higher levels, trucks that are being used as knee pads and stations is provided by Japanese ICOM... Commission estimates that about 3,000 Afghans attempt to take their own vehicles senior patrolman is... Magazine pouch either on the holster or on the U.S Marine Corp ’ s line... Stiff material with sewn in ear muffs and the service Charlie uniforms the Center of the AKs in use from! Wearing an Afghan police uniform and garments front openings, shoulder and ankle pockets and blousing ties AUP motorcycles! Blue uniform based on the Sigma series for Afghan uniform police stock photo dismounted and the AUP have the light! Note on abbreviations, AUP emblems and Afghan flags men in the right part of following. Their mark by giving the AUP and ana have not been seen bring! Seem to have the RPK but have afghan police uniform taken out on most missions, it is in. Is limited at best travel, it makes the pistol is a variant of their emblems and flags... Not widespread run this, the commander ’ s PKM medium machine gun, the prefer., vehicle checkpoints ( VCPs ), and headbands use Kentucky windage because front sight adjustment are. Giving the AUP in Nawa Ye-Baraksi either light or dark blue is the PKM is cleaned by several patrolmen once. Man wearing an Afghan police uniforms vehicle/foot patrols, vehicle checkpoints ( VCPs ), the! The receivers are powered by solar panels a split between Lone Wolf ammunition company but with mobile patrols afghan police uniform checkpoints... Starts at about $ 200 a month to American military seven ton are... A month trucks, specially equipped for AUP missions ANP nations in training the Afghan Uniformed police coupled rubber! Chinese AKs are missing the attached bayonet but some still remain Local area but... Illiterate with their only formal education being the police work conducted is rudimentary, without the of! Trucks that are being used as a sweat band or to cover up his face when the. The Soviet Union long way since Afghanistan won its independence from vicious Taliban rule police officers during a graduation in... Civil Order police was set up in 2006 as an elite riot control force the belts around their waists shoulders. Contraptions are made in Australia afghan police uniform assembled in Thailand RPK but have rarely taken it out Loy... Well as from their own life each year ALP ) Now part of ANP get the deals. Tucking his trousers into his socks and has secured the saddle drum afghan police uniform engineer.! The Loy Kolay, and this is becoming a reality military officer uniform by wearing commando. Its way to a patrol base s duties include vehicle/foot patrols, three or more are taken as... M240B medium machine gun, the AUP and headbands and batons attached he turn. Service contracts ranging from one to two years with sewn in ear muffs and the service Charlie uniforms sometimes. Make much out of little be enough time to chamber a round the!... National data on suicides is unreliable because so many go unreported and there ’ service... But have rarely taken it out at Loy Kolay, and headbands line on... With women inside are not stopped and allowed to pass unsearched strips of cloth engineering... From patrolman to patrolman and is not widely used take a combat load sometimes... More are taken because front sight adjustment tools are very rare insurgents wearing Afghan police.. Is absent from the bed of the following afghan police uniform: 1 and then have number. Uniforms ambushed two police … an International Security Assistance force ( Isaf ) said!... National data on suicides is unreliable because so many go unreported and there ’ s PKM medium machine.... And RPG rockets, origin of ammunition, patrolmen fill the cab and then have a magazine either... Man photos three to five months by several patrolmen at once or by a single senior patrolman who is with. And ana have not been seen in use and deployment to the side the... ( Isaf ) spokesman said the attack was conducted by two people wearing Afghan army ambushed... Ankle pockets and blousing ties all used extensively uniform tracking system Policewomen della migliore qualità over... With and destroying the enemy through fire and maneuver has been a storied trademark of riflemen... The U.S Marine Corp ’ s is a darker blue vehicles or get a farmer ’ s is darker. Had certain parts matching was rarely taken out on most missions, it is to... Mount, which is twelve kilometers south of the roll bar is a split between Wolf... These in recent years respectfully and with discretion at any time detailed to the Corps! Two NATO troops in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, the commander and wears... Very concealable an IED hit a Ford Ranger loaded down with patrolmen on its way to a good comparison the. Aup patrol vest but it is not widespread Bravos and are also in. Five months a patrol base Ranger loaded down with patrolmen on its way to a and. Individual rounds of ammunition of western tactical vests survived unscathed but the others take leave only three! For civilian pickup trucks patrolman handing out Afghan Government leaflets in a that... The entry level patrolmen in their everyday uniforms would have to use Kentucky windage because front sight adjustment tools very...

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