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Homebridge Lutron Caséta This is a fork of jcoleman/homebridge-lutron-caseta, a Homebridge plugin for integration with the Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro. The Lutron Smart Bridge also works with select Honeywell Thermostats, Logitech … Lutron L-BDGPRO-WH Caseta Smart Bridge Pro Smart Bridge Pro Allows for Setup, Control, and Monitoring of Caseta Wireless Devices and Lutron Wireless Shades from a Smartphone or Tablet Using the Lutron App, Plugs SmartThings v17.14 Lutron Smart Bridge v4.2 I have setup my Lutron Smart Bridge and it successfully controls the attached Caseta devices. From what I can tell on prior threads in this forum, I'm supposed to be able to Enable Telnet Run an Integration support I'm on a Pixel 3 version 6.5.0 of the Lutron Caseta app. The Lutron Smart Bridge is a solid choice for bringing connectivity to compatible lights and shades, but it's a bit pricey for the somewhat limited support it offers right now. Buy the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge PRO 2 here. The standard Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge (non-Pro) is not supported since integrations with that bridge are cloud only. The Lutron Smart Bridge allows for setup, control, and monitoring of Caseta Wireless dimmers and Serena Remote Controlled Shades from a Smartphone, tablet, and even your Apple Watch TM wearable. $ 0.00 Quantity The Lutron Smart Bridge and switches are not using a “mesh” protocol (unlike Z-Wave). Lutron's Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge Pro has just a USB port to connect its power supply, and an Ethernet port so you connect it to your router. Caseta Wireless smart home kits work with your voice assistant or smart phone to control your lights and dimmers while hands free. Lutron Caseta Review: The smart, reliable lighting solution For the most part, everyone else is always gushing about how good these Lutron switches are. Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge PRO - White Discover smart lighting and your home more. Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge PRO - White 4.7 out of 5 stars 97 CDN$352.26 Usually ships within 4 to 5 days. Lutron Caseta Smart Start Kit, Dimmer Switch with Smart Bridge and Wall Mount Pico Adapter, Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant | P … Tap Network Settings and write down the IP address of your Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, then tap < Integration at the top left to navigate back. I've just received my HE today and am migrating off of ST. It is the Lutron’s version of a smart hub which has been designed specifically for their switch range to coordinate and function beautifully. Lutron's $150 Smart Bridge gives traditional products a smart-home makeover. Google Home can connect to the Smart Bridge and control the devices. The Smart Bridge Pro enables Wi-Fi control of Serena shades, Lutron's Triathlon® Shades, select styles of Sivoia® QS Wireless shades, select Honeywell® Wi-Fi thermostats, the Nest® learning thermostat and Caséta Wireless dimmers and switches from anywhere in the world utilizing the Lutron app. 369816d 1 06.11.15 Lutron ® d ® SPECFCATO SBMTTAL Page d The Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO allow for setup, control, and monitoring of CasétaR Wireless devices and Lutron ® wireless shades from a smartphone Lutron Smart Bridge vs. Smart Bridge Pro — The Bottom Line All in all, by spending about an extra $40 on the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro , you get access to having more control over more wireless devices, such as the Lutron Sivoia QS/Triathlon shades and select A/V and security systems. So far so good until I got to the Lutron Integration app. They have several lines of home automation devices that manage light switches, dimmers, occupancy sensors, HVAC controls, etc. The plug-in … My Logitech Harmony remote can connect to the Smart Bridge and control the devices. In this video Greg and Eric Unbox, install and give first impressions of the HomeKit enabled Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmer kit with Smart Bridge Pro. I've explored all the options including the help, account, advanced, and integrations. Controlling lights, shades and temperature from a mobile device has never been easier or more reliable. Controlling lights, shades, and temperature from a mobile device has never been easier or more reliable. • When used with the Lutron ® Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge PRO, the CasétaR Wireless In-Wall Dimmer PRO may be programmed via the Lutron ® app, incorporated into lighting scenes, scheduled for daily events, and1. (Still, I have had no problems at all, with The Smart Bridge allows you to control your Caséta Wireless controls and Lutron Serena® remote controlled shades from anywhere with your smartphone, using the free Lutron App for Caséta Wireless. Lutron is an American lighting control company. Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge PRO (L-BDGPRO2-WH) Ra2 Select Main Repeater (RR-SEL-REP-BL / RR-SEL-REP2S-BL / RRK-SEL-REP2-BL) The bridges / main repeaters are supported through their Telnet integration interface which must be enabled for this component to function. The Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO allow for setup, control, and monitoring of Caséta Wireless devices and Lutron wireless shades from a smartphone or tablet using the Lutron App. Also works with Amazon Alexa and the Sonos Home Sound System. I connected two table lamps to one of the modules and one floor lamp to … Controlling Caseta: Smart Bridge vs Smart Bridge Pro The Lutron Smart Bridge is a way for the different Caseta range of switches in your home to communicate and work in tandem. The Lutron Smart Bridge allows When I attempt to add the Smart Bridge (via Switches & Dimmers, Lutron Caseta Switch, … - Set the scene: Dime your lights to relax, watch a movie or entertain. Caséta motion sensors, and the Lutron Smart Bridge / Smart Bridge PRO through Radio Frequency (RF). Bring out the best in your everyday moments with Lutron. The lutron_caseta integration in Home Assistant is responsible for communicating with the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge for the Caseta product line of dimmers, switches, shades, and sensors. Shop Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge White in the Smart Hubs department at Lowe's.com. Shop Lutron Caseta Wireless Single-Pole/3-Way White Smart LED Decorator Light Dimmer Starter Kit with Smart Hub with Wall Plateundefined at Lowe's.com. You can also create schedules to have your lights turn ON and OFF automatically. • The Caséta Wireless in-wall switches, dimmers, and fan … Simply and securely control lights, shades and other smart devices from anywhere in the world with the Lutron app on your iOS or Android device. Or am I just going to have to erase all devices from one and start … In UK and considering the … Lutron motorized shades • Battery-powered; batteries last 3 – 5 years • Wireless, easy to install • Cordless design • Available in roller or insulating honeycomb styles • Serena ® shades compatible with Lutron Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO Mesh has each device repeating all signals, so the more devices the more robust the network. The Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge PRO 2 is compatible with all of the existing Lutron Caseta devices that were already sold on our site. - Lights Out: Turn lights off with one touch, from your bedside or anywhere in your home. Is there a way to transfer devices from a Smart Bridge to a Smart Bridge Pro? Bring technology and style to your home with the Caseta Wireless Starter Kit which includes a dimmer switch, Pico remote control, wall plate, and Smart Bridge. Lutron Smart Bridge Pro = Measures at 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches, compatible w/ IOS and Android app, comes in white, power consumption of 1.3W, operating temperature from 32 F to 104 F, compatible w/ Lutron Wireless So, when I saw a starter kit on sale during Prime Day, I decided to pull the trigger and try them. The Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge PRO 2 is used to achieve a lighting setup that integrates with platforms like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Alarm.com.

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