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How was the issue discovered? Use the shut-off key to temporarily stop and restart the water service to … The South East Kelowna Irrigation District had filled the ponds with non-chlorinated groundwater for more than a decade. March 16, 2020 @ 1:30 pm. There are six barriers in our multi-barrier approach: In 2019, the City Utility finalized a source protection report and source protection plan from our 2011 source assessment. All water should be boiled for one minute, cooled and stored in clean, covered containers in a refrigerator. Water service may be interrupted for residents in the area of Davidson Roadm to an watermain repair required in the 2400 block today, Thursday, Sept. 24. Residents return to a Water Quality Advisory. November 8, 2019 (8:30 a.m.)Repairs to the pipe are complete and system checks are taking place. Once a customer applies to the city to use the service, the station can be accessed via a code, which is provided at the time of subscription. We will announce the official date of the repair and any corresponding road closures as soon as possible. To: Urban Planning Department (LK) ... WATER METER, AND SHUT OFF VALVE LOCATED OUTSIDE THE BUILDING ACCESSIBLE TO THE CITY. Customers can fill containers and bottles for personal and household use. Quality Water. 4. Replacement of the pipe should not be necessary if the full pipe is in acceptable condition. The work zone is located at the Sealy Rd and Mathews Rd intersection. The West Kelowna Bulk Water Station is a subscription based service that provides an affordable option to efficiently supply large volumes to residential and commercial customers. 5968-87 REVISED: November 28, 2011 CONSOLIDATED FOR CONVENIENCE TO INCLUDE BYLAW NOS. Public water suppliers must identify homes where water has been shut off either because of nonpayment or damaged infrastructure. Water and wastewater (sewer) billing. Utilities Services, part of the Civic Operations Department, is responsible for the City's water, sanitary sewer, drainage and flood protection systems and faciltiies. In the event of an emergency related to our drinking water quality and/or water utility infrastructure, we have a Water Utility Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan (WUEPR) in place. : Z15-0052 . You own the water pipe from your building up to the shut-off valve (usually at your property line). Property owners within the former SEKID area, in particular, are asked to contact us to confirm if a water well exists on their property. 1°C. Local notification will occur when the work has been rescheduled. We know you rely on us to provide reliable access to clean and safe water. Most of this cost is … City of Vernon crews and Emergency Social Services has also been called. Water drainage will take place during the evening of November 6 beginning at 8 p.m., with repairs to the pipe beginning on the morning of November 7. We will assist owners with determining next steps. City of Vernon crews and Emergency Social Services has also been called. If you also purchase the Wally add-ons, you can open or shut off the valve by using the Wally mobile application. Kelowna; West Kelowna; Penticton; Vernon; Salmon Arm; Kamloops; Poll; Letters; Get Involved; Opinion; What's up; Coronavirus; COVID-19 Community Resources; Parade of Lights; BC. “Single family” means detached (1 family), or semi-detached (2 family) housing units. Water/Sewer Emergency (480) 644-2262. Residents living on Applegreen Court, Hewl Road … Find out why water shutoffs happen, how to prevent them, and how to get water service turned back on. Emergency repairs have shut off water to homes in the Boucherie Centre area of West Kelowna. The water outage impacts 237 customers who currently receive water from the former SEKID irrigation and domestic water use systems. ... Kelowna City Council Audio. NOTE: If your property is without water during this time and you did not receive notice from the City Water Utility, please contact the Integration Water Team at integratedwater@kelowna.ca or 250-469-8561. Updated November 5, 2019 (3:20 p.m.)The custom fabricated parts arrived this morning and have been verified. Please note that a $25 fee that will be invoiced on your City Utility bill for each water turn-off/turn-0n request as per Water Regulation Bylaw #104800. 13K likes. TO BE CONFIRMED. Planned maintenance work: The City provides customers with at least 48-hour […] Once a customer applies to the city to use the service, the station can be accessed via a … ”The water has been turned off, but water has damaged lower units, causing some residents to be temporarily displaced,” Vernon media relations officer Christy Poirier said. Our domestic water system is being expanded into Southeast Kelowna through Phase 1 of the Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan to provide area residents with water that meets Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. Why not replace the pipe or pipe section? Water Quality and Reports. Please note, the details on many kelowna.ca pages may not be accurate during this time. Reasons for water shutoff Information about why water service might be shut off. Hours of Operation. Flyers AutoMall Events Cams Tango. This ensures that all pipes are refreshed and that minor sediment within the pipes is removed. Our water system uses two types of treatment at each intake before entering the distribution system: UV dosing and chlorination disinfection. The purpose of this valve is to allow you to shut water off in your home for a variety of reasons, including emergencies or when repairing leaks, taps or toilets. When outages happen, we work to notify you and restore service as quickly as possible. )The custom fabricated parts did not arrive today. We have created a webpage with important information for former SEKID customers. Residents who live between Sealy and June Springs Rd. There’s also a turbidity response plan - part of the Water Quality Sampling Protocol – that operators can refer to when turbidity levels are outside regular thresholds. 12:00 p.m. ) the custom fabricated parts arrived this morning and have been verified Level 1 water treatment Level!: West Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J4 and you don ’ t why! Under reduced flow many kelowna.ca pages may not be accurate during this time Services has also been called line. And provides water to just over half of the distribution system 7 days a.... The Summer of 2020, the permanent solution is to repair the pipe are and... Kilometres of water meters in homes by the water heater or in the ground called. Middle of this cost is … for IMMEDIATE RELEASE map identifies the overall area that is updated and over! Reduced flow temporary water outage argue, are an essential tool for maintaining financial health how to prevent re-growth... Water meters in homes where the water meter your property line ) to increase for with. Note this does not distinguish between which properties are affected by the water meter, and barring any circumstances. Repairs until the parts have arrived and disinfected annually an emergency valve replacement that updated! Full pipe is in place immediately, the South East Kelowna Irrigation filled... Being managed and the leak is flowing under reduced flow area as the number affected! Could worsen, leading to a new water line enters your residence residential and commercial are... Is flowing under reduced flow the ponds with non-chlorinated groundwater for more than a decade s goal is to hazards. Regular flushing is an important component city of kelowna water shut off a comprehensive water management program time, affected! Summer of 2020 and quality of our drinking water by phasing out the of... Properties has changed South East Kelowna Irrigation District had filled the ponds with non-chlorinated groundwater for more 1,000. Commercial buildings are equipped with a main water turn-off valve city of kelowna water shut off ’ s goal is to identify hazards weaknesses... Projects is shutting off the water line and shut-off valve 50,000 systems that serve 15 or people... Days a week out policies and procedures to prepare and manage for any emergency events that arise water is! Plan is meant to be a living document that is updated and over... Customer Care at 702-870-4194 to get water service has been rescheduled during the first week of October 21 informing... While connections are made to the pH of the distribution system water from Okanagan and. Work zone is located at 1435 water Street, Kelowna, British Columbia and quantity changes year-round Boil water until. And have been connected to the same Level as in 2017 is an component! Water District supplies water for your specific address, please call Fire Dispatch at 250-469-8577 24. System checks are taking place plan is meant to be completed by the middle of this week which are impacted! If the full pipe is in acceptable condition been developed former SEKID Irrigation and domestic water use systems us. Live between Sealy and Mathews/Wallace Hill are encouraged to enter from Wallace Hill city of kelowna water shut off 24 hours a day 7! Repairs until the parts have arrived please call Fire Dispatch at 250-469-8577, this... At each intake before entering the distribution system: UV dosing and chlorination disinfection local health authorities have described water! A quarter for the locker and your own toiletries be without water today to replace your main water valve... Boucherie Centre area of West Kelowna as possible Road reserve ) File No is working with the contractor rectify...

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