nz dairy farm profitability

Free meat, milk and firewood: New Zealand's dairy farms try to lure local workers. Twelve years of DairyBase data shows us that every extra tonne of homegrown dry matter (DM) eaten per hectare (ha) is worth $300 per ha in operating profit. ... it is improving profitability. Operating Profit/ha: Measure of dairy farm profitability by ha. A Note on the Profitability of Dairy Farms in Selected Areas of Bangladesh: A Comparison with New Zealand Dairy Farms Jahangir Alam, Gilbert V. Nartea, and M.A. Nitrate leaching and profitability were estimated for a south Canterbury case study dairy farm using the models FARMAX Dairy and OVERSEER® Nutrient Budgets. SarkeJ ABSTRACT This study determines the profitability of commercial mini-dairy farms in selected areas of Bangladesh using New Zealand financial and production figures as benchmarks. Considering it is New Zealand's biggest corporate dairy farmer with $1 billion in assets, Dairy Holdings Ltd has a surprisingly low profile. Principles and management For New Zealand dairy farmers, the number-one driver of profit is homegrown feed eaten. Canterbury's top dairy farmers had a five-fold increase in profitability with the best of seven farms used by Lincoln University Dairy Farm to benchmark its performance earning $7000 a … “The research found that Irish dairy farmers enjoyed the best net profit margins from milk production among Europe’s dairy farmers by a considerable distance, in the period 2014 to 2017. This is the dairy operating return after an allowance for the value of change in: dairy livestock numbers; non-paid labour and management; supplementary feed inventory change; owned run-off adjustment and depreciation The strategic purpose of Dairy Business of the Year is to contribute to dairy farmers and the dairy industry in New Zealand by: challenging paradigms to bring about ongoing improvements in farm profitability; developing resilient and sustainable farming systems; 1 A CALCULATOR FOR ESTIMATING THE PROFITABILITY OF IRRIGATION ON NEW ZEALAND DAIRY FARMS J. Howes1, D. Horne1 and N Shadbolt2 1 Fertilizer & Lime Research Centre, Massey University 2 The Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management, Massey University Abstract Few issues are as important, topical or problematic in New Zealand agriculture as irrigation. Clark) 17 Advancing dairy farming profitability through research J.R. CARADUS1 and D.A. CLARK2 1AgResearch Grasslands, PB 11008, Palmerston North 2Dexcel, PB 3123, Hamilton Dairy industry contributes NZ$15bn to the economy, but farms are struggling to find workers amid Covid. Advancing dairy farming profitability through research (J.R. Caradus & D.A. A farmer produces 1 MS per day from pasture at a marginal cost of $4 for that MS. With a $5.50 milk price he makes $1.50 profit on that MS and $1.50 for the day. leaching by 20%, in comparison to an existing farm management baseline for the 2017/2018 dairy season, whilst maintaining profitability.

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